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Tale of a Great Broccoli

March 1, 2010

I’m pretty sure last night’s dinner was partially inspired by an unusually large broccoli we found in an unmanned vegetable stand. These Mujin Hanbaisho, literally “selling place without a person” stands are scattered around the island, usually by the side of the road. You pick from the fresh produce, then put money in the little box attached to the stand. Since we couldn’t break a bill and didn’t have any change in our pockets, we scrounged around in the car to find loose change. 150 yen to be exact. I’m not sure what was more exciting, finding a giant broccoli for dinner or being reminded that the honor system still exists.

Back to the dinner. I ended up taking a long nap, so when I woke up I was treated to this Chinese feast:

Orange chicken, pork with Chinese cabbage, chives, and ginger, and last but not least, broccoli with pork and green onion. Despite the volume of broccoli in the meal, I was informed that there was still a regular sized portion left in the fridge! Shinjirarahen! Kansai-ben for “I can’t believe it!”.

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