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White Day and the Sandwich of My Dreams

March 16, 2010

March 14th: Happy White Day! Not so much a cultural holiday as it is a commercial holiday,  the origins of this made-up day were heavily influenced by the custom of Japanese gift-giving. Valentine’s Day in Japan is a day for girls to give a crush chocolate. White Day, exactly a month later, is a day for boys to reciprocate and appreciate the girl.  While I am not a fan of either holiday, I admit that I enjoyed this year’s White Day, especially since my day started off with finding a cute tin full of cookies on my desk. Thanks sweetie~!

It was a clear, sunny day out, so we spent the rest of the day on a White Day “date”, just for fun. We had lunch at one of our favorite udon restaurants and then spent the afternoon strolling and viewing early spring flowers at the Awaji Hanasajiki, a sprawling garden in the mountains, overlooking the ocean. Each month, a variety of different flowers bloom there, attracting busloads of tourists from all over the Kansai area.

At a nearby park, I admired some beautiful plum trees. One of them was mostly white but had a few pink branches and even a couple half white, half pink flowers. So pretty.

Before we knew it, it was almost dinnertime. He mentioned that he was craving a grilled chicken sandwich. If you know me, you know that I can never turn down a sandwich. Immediately, I started to think about the yummy sandwiches from back home past and how I hadn’t had one in ages. A typical sandwich in Japan is a little less substantial, usually consisting of crustless white bread, with tuna or egg salad. These are decent, but sometimes I just crave something that tastes more like home. We made a quick trip to the store and picked up some ingredients. An hour later, he had whipped up the sandwich of my dreams: Seasoned grilled chicken on toasted french bread with garlic mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and some salami. He served it with some herb and parmesan potato wedges and broccoli. Yum!!

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