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Tasty Chinese Dinner Part “Yat”

March 23, 2010

Chinese New Year fell on February 14th this year. I have fond memories of New Year’s dinner at Grandpa’s house. Actually, many memories of spending time with Grandpa involve food, as we shared countless meals in various restaurants all over the bay area. When I was younger, he cooked often and had a knack for picking out the freshest produce. His specialty was Cantonese style Braised Beef Brisket but he never failed to make my favorite childhood dish- Broccoli Beef. He certainly had discerning tastes. You knew that if Yeh Yeh approved of a dish,  it was definitely worth eating. I am proud to say that I’ve inherited Grandpa’s love of food and I aspire to exemplify his adventurous spirit and inclination to “take it easy”. I miss you, Yeh Yeh. ❤

To celebrate the Lunar New year, we had a belated mini-feast last week.
Another Boy + Girl dinner special! He made Braised Tofu with bokchoy, mushroom, and sausage and he steamed some Zongzi that we bought. I attempted to make onion pancakes. They were not as flaky as I would have liked, so I was a little disappointed. They tasted more like onion tortillas!  Oh well! Our kitchen is well-stocked with onions, so there is always next time!

Stay tuned for Tasty Chinese Dinner Part “Yi”!

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  1. Anna permalink
    March 26, 2010 03:05

    inspired to make tortellini after viewing your blog… yummy. Lots of garlic, spinach, and grilled chicken. Your cousins even liked it.

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