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Pho of Memories!

June 1, 2010

Back in the day, Boy & I attended UCSD (where we first met and became friends ::grins happily::). Besides some of the best beaches in California, San Diego is known for it’s great choices in Mexican food restaurants, of which they have more than you could dream of!! California burrito? Carne asada fries? Yes, please! It’s a  gastronimic delight for burrito lovers with tight budgets. But where did we go when we craved something not topped with quacamole?

Clairemont Mesa Boulevard/Convoy street area was our go-to place for decent and reasonably priced asian cuisine. Sometimes we’d drive over just for dessert and to hang out  or study at one of the many boba cafes. I have fond memories of going to Pho Hoa Cali, across the street from the 99 Ranch, for pho and grilled pork plates. Afterwards, we’d saunter over to Green Tea House or Tea Station for some sugary but satifsying boba drinks. Ah, those were the days.

I thought back to those carefree college days while eating this Pho dinner. ^_^ He made the pho soup with chicken meatballs and served it with  a plate full of pho toppings and bok choy with oyster sauce. Yum!

No boba drinks, but it’s okay. The convenience stores in Japan always have well-stocked drink shelves and dessert freezers. ^_^

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  1. June 9, 2010 04:18

    yummm…that food looks delicious:)

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